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malopolska Malopolska Voivodship is situated in middle - south part of Poland. It neighbours with the following voivodships: Śląskie on the west, Podkarpackie on the east, Swiętokrzyskie on the north and on the south the territorial boundary is the border with the Republik of Slovakia. The area of Malopolska Voivodship is 15 190 km2 , which is 5% of Poland area. It covers 19 districts which include 182 communes and 55 cities. Malopolska’s population is 3 253 000, with population density about 214 pers/ km2 .
The area of Malopolska Voivodship is regarded as being one of the most geographically diversed region in Poland. It includes : Karpaty Mountains, Karpackie Valley and Centralpolish uplands, but 2/3 of Malopolska Voivodhip lies in Karpaty. In Malopolska Voivodship there are 5 national parks: Tatrzański, Pieninski, Ojcowski, Gorczanski, Babiogorski and part of Magurski, about 58% of this area is legally protected.


Malopolska Voivodship Inspector for Environmental Protection on behalf of Malopolska Governor performs tasks and duties of inspection of environmental protection given in the Environment Protection Act and separate regulations.

VIEP in Krakow
districts which are included in course of action: chrzanowski, krakowski, miechowski, myślenicki,  olkuski, oświęcimski, suski,  wadowicki, wielicki and Krakow
Delegation in Tarnow
districts which are included in course of action: bochenski, brzeski, dąbrowski, proszowicki, tarnowski and Tarnów (municipal city)
Delegation in Nowy Sącz
districts which are included in course of action: limanowski, gorlicki, nowosądecki, tatrzański, nowotarski i Nowy Sącz (municipal city)



VIEP is responsible for:

  • Monitoring compliance with environmental protection legislation and with regulations concerning the rational use of natural resources
  • Monitoring compliance with environmental permits 
  • Monitoring pollution abatement equipment and installations
  • Monitoring of key components of the environment
  • Ordering the cessation / suspension of activities performed in violation of environmental regulations or environmental permit conditions
  • Cooperating with other auditing bodies, law enforcement bodies and courts , as well as with state and government bodies, local governments and civil defence bodies, in the field of environmental protection
  • Development and implementation of new analytical, monitoring, inspection and measurement methods
  • Initiating activities aimed at creating conditions for major accident prevention as well as accident recovery and environmental restoration
  • Fulfilling environmental requirements by installation operators and investors
  • Payment of environmental charges
  • Developing and improving quality assurance systems
  • Making available information about environment and its protection
  • Organising and coordinating the State Environmental Monitoring System, carrying out studies and observations on the quality of the environment, assessing the state of the environment and changes taking place in the environment



The basic goal of controlling activities is forcing the environment users to the compliance with the environmental protection legislation. Inspections encompass all aspects of issues connected with using the environment or relate to any specific problem, air pollution emission, sewage management, waste management and excessive noise.
Besides planned inspections VIEP carries out additional inspections on Central Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, Malopolska Governor and citizens request. VIEP is on duty 24 hours a day in case of occuring serious, unpredictable breakdowns.
VIEP in Krakow carried out 1216 inspections of entities which use the environment in 2008. There are 4381 entities using the environment in Malopolska Voivodship in 2006.


One of the basic tasks of the Environmental Protection Inspection is the state of the environment examination within the confines of the State Monitoring of the Environment, which is the system of receiving, gathering, transforming and making available information on the environment which enables to evaluate the corectness of realised state ecological policy.


  • Air quality monitoring
  • Surface water monitoring
  • Noise monitoring
  • Ionising radiation monitoring


  • Subsystem waste:
    evaluation of waste management
    evaluation of dangerous waste management


  • Publishing results of integrated evaluation state of the environment in Malopolska as:
     · report about the state of individual elements of the environment
    complex report about the state of environment in Malopolska which is available for all citizens



Voivodship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Krakow owns laboratory (certificate No AB 176)  accredited by Polish Centre of Accreditation with local divisions in Kraków, Tarnów, Nowy Sącz.

Voivodship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection’ Laboratory

 “Accreditation certificate” confirms, that laboratory fulfils requirements of international norm PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 “General requirements concerning competence of research and reference laboratories”.

  • physico-chemical researches of water, sewage, waste, soil, plants, air, gas samples
  • biological researches of water, sewage, sediment sewage, soil samples and biological pollution of air
  • acoustic researches

Laboratory carries out tests and measurements in environmental protection field which result from VIEP’ statutory activities and measurements commissioned by different outside subjects.

Laboratory performs around 100 000 designations and measurements, over 150 physical, chemical and biological parameters annually. Laboratory has necessary measuring equpiment and experienced, well – educated personnel. Employees take part in internal and external trainings, which allow to spread theirs knowledge. Laboratory is equipped with computer managing system. Laboratory takes part in interlaboratory and fluency studies, national and international and often takes first place.

There is situated National Reference Calibration Laboratory in Voivodship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Krakow. Our laboratory became a part of AQUILA Network. 


Institutions and extent of cooperation::

  • cooperation with European Environment Agency – EEA (sending information about air quality and information about water quality to  European Environment Information and Observation Network - EIONET)
  • cooperation with twinning institutions for environmental  protection in the field of inspection, transboundary movement of wastes, environment monitoring and counteracting serious breakdowns
  • monitoring of border water quality with Slovakia – continuous cooperation based on government agreement (from 14.05.1997)
  • taking part in MATRA project – the purpose of this project is to support the Polish Ministry of Environment in fulfilling its obligations in relation to reporting on emission data, in compliance with European pollution Emission Register (EPER) guidelines, Large Combustion Plants (LCP) regulations, the Kyoto Protocol, the Aarhus Convention, the Kiev Protocol and CO2 emission trading.
  • taking part in RIVFUNCTION project -it  is a research project that aims at developing and disseminating a methodology for assessing the functional component of ecological river quality status. RIVFUNCTION is supported by the European Commission under the Fifth Framework Programme and contributing to the implementation of the Key Action "Sustainable Management and Quality of Water within the Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development".
  • taking part in Krakow Project managed by Joint Research Centre (Ispra, Italy) “From toxic emissions to health effects: an integrated emissions, air quality and health impacts case study in Krakow”. The objective of the project is to develop a metodology in order to support the decision making process at local, state and EU level to design appropriate air quality and emission reduction strategies.

     about Krakow Project

  • participation in AQUILA Network, coordinated by Reference Calibration Laboratory located in Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy. AQUILA main goals are: organising interlaboratory comparisons, providing laboratories with current information and consulting, exchanging experience between National Reference Laboratories from different countries
  • participation in two projects under European Commission’ s supervision. The first project 2nd SWIFT – WFD PTs - "Screening methods for Water data Information in support of the implementation of the Water Framework Directive" concern examining water quality according to Water Framework Directive. The second project QUA-NAS PT : "Improving the infrastructure for metrology in chemistry in the candidate New Member States" concern examining determination fluency in metals in particulate matter. VIEP’s laboratory cooperate in this field with international experts.
  • The Voivodship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection (VIEP) in Krakow has begun the realization of the project PL0302 “The strengthening of law abidance control in the range of protection and exploitation of water resources in the Malopolska province”.
     First date of eligibility: 16 May 2008 - Estimated duration: 18 months - Last date of eligibility: 30 April 2011

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